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Free Kayak Book

Post by johnd » Mon Jul 20, 2020 11:20 am

Hello, My partner had written a boy’s adventure series about a young boy who travels the world in his kayak called ‘Captain Kayak’s Adventure on the Emerald Isle’

Book 3 in the series, (they are all stand-alone books) is free on Amazon worldwide for four days from tomorrow 19th July. I thought you, your fellow kayakers and canoeists, and family may be interested in this.

Amazon UK ... ext&sr=1-1

Amazon US ... ext&sr=1-1

In Book 3: Chris Hunter, otherwise known as Captain Kayak, travels to Ireland in his kayak, Flame, in search of adventure.

After saving a whale in London, (Book 1), and racing The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, (Book 2), the young boy travels around Ireland in the company of a strange little man.

Along the way Chris has many scrapes and adventures and meets interesting people.

When he leaves the Emerald Isle he is convinced it is a magical island, in more ways than one.

Travel with Chris through The Dragon’s Throat, visit a Dolmen and fly over the green patchwork quilt that is the Irish countryside.

Do not be surprised if along the way you meet a tiger.

Jill Vance

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